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Tangible Feelings feat. Keya Pralat
Lyrics and Music by Pedro Eleftheriou

"’Stay With Me’ encourages a journey of self-discovery, urging one to follow their dreams while simultaneously beckoning them to stay and share in a deep, meaningful connection. This poetic depiction underscores love’s power to soothe and strengthen hearts, no matter the circumstances, especially when shared with someone special.” (Leo Vindardo)

sing your heart out!

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sing your heart out!

”…I can feel, the pulsing passion,
of a strong and unbodied heart.
You stride along the road,
Go find the purpose whereof your dreams are made…”

The music has an eclectic sound, establishing a crossover between classical and popular music. The contrast of the composition lies in the entirely electronic instrumentation as opposed to the human voice, a striking feature in Tangible Feelings. Pedro is a synthesist who excels in nuances and unprecedented timbres but always maintains a harmonic relationship with the orchestra instruments.

musical aesthetics

Eleftheriou's intention is a harmonious blend of emotional depth and global musical influences. He captures the fleeting yet profound 'positive moments left by someone,' through a soundscape that emphasizes well-being and emotional resonance.

artistic vision

The distinctive voice of French singer Keya Pralat brings the necessary emotion to the performance over the arrangement of maestro Gil Vieira. As the first digital single from Tangible Feelings released under Universal Music, a meticulous finalization with mixing and mastering at Abbey Road Studios in London was essential, under the talented hands of engineers John Barrett and Frank Arkwright.

collaborative genius

Lyrics and Music by Pedro Eleftheriou
Keya Pralat (vocals)
Pedro Eleftheriou (piano and synthesizers)
Gil Vieira (arrangement)
Produced by Pedro Eleftheriou
Recorded by Pedro Eleftheriou at 1000Cores
Mixed by John Barrett at Abbey Road Studios
Mastered by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road Studios
Photo by Sider Oben
Cover Art by Maurizio Bonito
Release Date: May 28th, 2021
Ⓒ ℗ 2021 Cri Du Chat Disques / Universal Music
Phonogram duration: 4:56
Genre: Neo-classical, Crossover


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Created by Sider Oben.
All rights reserved Future Insigths Records.
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